Corina Bakke began her career in the television/entertainment industry over 30 years ago as a motion designer/graphic designer.  As her skills developed, so did her clients.  She has worked on many live television shows and helped develop many event packages nationwide.

Her work helped earn KOMO Television and herself two national ABC Alpha Awards for co-branding and a national ABC Alpha Award nomination for the best promo.  She developed the 100-year celebration brand, look and elements for Fisher’s Centennial Celebration project that went on to win both the 2011 American Business Awards – Stevie Award Finalist  and the 2011 International Business Awards – Honorable Mention medal.  She is also a six-time regional EMMY Award nominated and a regional EMMY Award winner.

She began Rokstar Studios, (a dba of Corina Gallery, LLC.) a small boutique design agency. Her clients include National/International companies,  commercial production, television, music, corporate, non-profit, sports and entertainment.  Her work includes title treatments, opening credit sequences, package design for broadcast, television and film branding, videos, promos and commercials. As well as print, digital brand development and support for events and clients.

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